The insulating foundation for energy efficient buildings

If you want to save energy in the future, you must literally start from the bottom up, since thermal insulation always begins at the foundation.

ISOQUICK® provides both an effective and inexpensive insulating foundation that can easily be adapted for any new-build residential or commercial project – be it a low-energy, passive, net-zero-energy or energy-plus house. The ISOQUICK® brand has national technical approval. In addition, we are the first provider of load-bearing perimeter insulation to be certified by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt as a “component suitable for passive houses”.

Customer service certainly does not end with the delivery of the floor slab insulation. Our guiding principle, “Everything from a single source”, guarantees considerable quality and precision, ranging from consultation and production all the way to installation. This is particularly essential in the case of thermal insulation beneath foundation slabs, as it is very difficult to make corrections after installing the floor slabs. There is no second chance when installing insulating foundations! Cut the risk by taking advantage of our many years of experience with insulating foundations. We are happy to advise you!

ISOQUICK®…insulate correctly from the ground up!

ISOQUICK GmbH & Co.KG – Who we are

ISOQUICK® GmbH Co.KG is based in Niederzissen, Germany, and is a leading company in the development, production, sales and installation of insulating foundations. Based on decades of experience in energy efficient construction, we specialised in this component that forms the very basis of every durable new building and for which we developed our own comprehensive system in 2003.

As a pioneer in this field, we were confronted with many questions and tests on our way to achieving national technical approval. In 2007, ISOQUICK® was the first product to receive approval for load-bearing insulation up to 300 mm. This is still the only technical approval to have been awarded to a complete system for load-bearing perimeter insulation.

Our spectrum of services covers all necessary steps, ranging from consulting, planning, production and sales to the actual installation of insulating foundations. Plus, we don’t simply limit ourselves to our own component – we’re also committed to investing our experience in the connection details used to attach foundations to walls and floor-mounted windows. Overcoming borderline structural loading problems, difficult point loads and other tricky challenges present no challenge to us.

ISOQUICK®…eine Idee besser!

Our services

ISOQUICK® offers customers a comprehensive service package, which ranges from individual consultation and planning to the production, delivery and installation of the modules, whereby technical expertise, continuous quality controls and professional, absolutely reliable processing are a matter of course.


ISOQUICK® has long stood for technical quality. In addition, ISOQUICK® insulating foundations have achieved their level of success because the system is well thought out and simple. Nevertheless, builders still ask many questions: Which version offers the optimum thermal insulation? How do I achieve the transition from the foundation slab to the wall without thermal bridging while taking into account the corresponding DIN standard for sealing? We clarify all these issues in a manner that is understandable for laymen and professionals alike. We would also be pleased to help architects in drawing up specifications and determining quantities. Take advantage of our many years of experience in energy efficient construction and in laying insulating foundations. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive, personal advice. Get in touch with us – we will put our heads together for you!


Once an individual solution has been agreed upon that meets the customer’s requirements, it is followed with the detailed planning for the ISOQUICK® thermal insulation. For example, wall connection details are worked out in advance. With us, however, the planning extends even further: we coordinate the ISOQUICK® thermal insulation as far as the completed installation. Builders know that construction sites can quickly run up costs without professional supervision. We will therefore help you avoid hidden cost traps on your construction site. Our professional expertise is your added value!

Quality guarantee

Our qualified staff produce the ISOQUICK® insulation modules developed by us using high-tech machinery. In addition, the high-quality Peripor® raw material from BASF® guarantees the consistent quality of our products, which is regularly documented through internal inspections. Furthermore, the quality is tested several times a year by an external institute.


The proven ISOQUICK® complete solution has long enjoyed great success in Germany and beyond. ISOQUICK® The Insulated Raft has been installed in the following countries:

  • Great Britain

  • Ireland

  • France

  • The Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • Luxembourg

  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • Austria

  • Denmark

  • Canada

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